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Running socks Bv sport Run elite.


Designed for running over all distances, the black-grey running ankle socks made in France RUN ELITE are technical, comfortable, resistant and ultra-reinforced.

They have a technical 3D anatomical sole inspired by car tires. This specific sole improves the stability of the foot in the shoe while protecting it from shocks during ground impacts.

The 360° foot and ankle support and stabilization allows to maintain the ankle while stabilizing the foot in the shoe.

The RUN ELITE ankle sock has reinforcements targeted to areas of warm-up or strategic contacts that are highly stressed on roads or paths : the Achilles tendon, the lacing point, the heel and the toe of the foot.

The lightweight honeycombed mesh allows perspiration to be evacuated throughout the effort in order to stay dry as long as possible.

The wide rib edge avoids the tourniquet effect while effectively holding the sock.

The mid-cut socks RUN ELITE have flat seams to limit friction and plantar irritation. They are also asymmetrical to perfectly match the plantar anatomy.

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