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Compressive products by Bv Sport.

In 2002, upon the request of French Athletics Federation athletes who wanted to keep their technical ankle socks, BV SPORT® launched its new innovative compression BOOSTER sleeve design on the market, with over a million products sold to date.

In 2006, a new team took the reins of the company and decided to invest in an integrated production facility and a research and development centre. Innovation, quality, design and marketing became the BV SPORT® mantra, values that are reinforced by its long-standing scientific and athletic support. In order to provide scientific evidence of the anticipated effects of the invention of selective compression, the BV SPORT® engineers and doctors stepped up their research, collaborating with the Saint-Étienne Engineering School in 2010.

The engineering thesis by Laura Dubuis focuses specifically on the reaction that soft biological leg tissues have under elastic compression and definitively proves that living biological tissues (muscles, fat) act as a pressure shock absorber as pressure is absorbed by the thickness of the living biological tissues before being transmitted to the deep vascular system.

Numerous dynamometer tests, MRIs, Doppler ultrasounds and scientific studies confirmed just how superior the BV SPORT® concept is and revolutionised the world of compression support once again, including in the medical profession.

The best-selling BOOSTER ELITE.

In 2011, the first “BOOSTER Elite” incorporating these new features is produced using knitting machines, giving the products a near-perfect anatomical made-to-measure design.

Today, every BV SPORT® product, including recovery socks, sleeves and shorts, has built-in selective compression. The high-quality “Made in France” production, along with the masterful combination of applied pressure and selective compression, make BV SPORT® the undisputed leader in the field of compression for athletes

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