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We offer you various packages suitable to your objectives & levels or personal coaching & advices

You want to get back into an exercice routine and have fun?

You have a specific objective and want to maximise your chances to succeed?

You need to get a personal coaching to motivate yourself?

In answering favourably to one of these 3 questions we can consider a collaboration with one of the packages detailed below or in building a personalised coaching!

Our group sessions

Wednesday AfterWork

When? Wednesdays evening 6:45 pm

Where? RDV at Running Planet Genève (34 avenue de Frontenex, 1207 Genève)

To whom? All levels are welcome

What? Training for the spring races with a focus on Genève Marathon races and Tour du Canton

Morning Runners Geneva

When? Tuesdays and Thursdays morning @ 6h45

Where? RDV at Jardin Anglais, by the lake at the level of La Rotonde

To whom? For the early birds! All levels are welcome.

What? Warmup footing, running drills and stride exercices, short interval training

Countryside Sunday Run

When? One Sunday a month @ 10:00 am.

Where? in the countryside, visit of original places

To whom? Open to everyone, free

What? Endurance all levels between 6 and 10 km, stride exercices, coordination and drills & visit of local artisans and farmers

Genève Marathon preparation (10km, la Genevoise, half-marathon, marathon)

Get a training plan for Genève Marathon races and Tour du Canton. Various formula are available depending on your budget and wishes. For any further question don't hesitate to contact us under Contact.

Genève Marathon packages

The Independent

Training plan with a regular follow-up

49.- Month

Training plan (+ 50.- one shot)

Weekly follow-up and discussion (phone or email)

The Target

Training plan and access to the group sessions

99.- Month

Access to Morning Runners Geneva (MRG)

Specific sessions of Wednesday evening

Join training plan

Weekly follow-up (SMS)

The Winner

With assessment of your level (test VMA)


Access to Morning Runners Geneva (MRG)

Specific sessions of Wednesday evening

Joint training plan

Exercise test on track

Weekly follow-up (SMS)

Discussion every two weeks 30' (coffee or phone)

The Pro

With personalised sessions


Access to Morning Runners Geneva (MRG)

Specific sessions of Wednesday evening

Joint training plan

Exercise test on track

Weekly follow-up (SMS)

Discussion every two weeks 30' (coffee or phone)

1 personalised session 45' / week

Exercise test on treadmill at Clinique la Colline

Why an exercise test?

Exercise tests will help you to determine your level and allow you to train specifically following your own pace and heart rate. It will also be easier to determine your objective based on your current shape.

We work with the Centre de médecine du sport et de l'exercice (CMSE) of the Clinique de la Colline and offer you various options after discussion on our specific needs:

Heart frequency test 140.-

Lactate test OR gas analysis 250.-

Lactate test AND gas analysis 280.-

Personalised training plan and private sessions

If you are interested to get personalised sessions (60') or aren't able to join the group sessions, we propose personalised session up to 4 people so that you can progress at your own pace and get a personalised feedback.

Price per session in CHF

Personal session running

10 sessions

20 sessions

Personalised training plan

Personalised training plan

From 49.-Month

Personalised training plan (+100.- one shot)

Weekly follow-up by phone or email (frequency and extent to be discussed)

Company preparation

Give your employees the possibility to set common goals by improving health at work

Running with your colleagues allow you to get to know each other better outside the company environment. Setting common goals in a sportive environment is the best way to strengthen humain relations and offer you the possibility to enhance your personal and professional welfare. Moreover, the company rankings in most races is another motivation to train with your colleagues for a common goal!

Contact us and let's discuss together the best way to reach your objective!


Are you a beginner, road runner, trail runner wanting to improve performance, or have a specific goal like an ultra-trail to prepare?

With seven years of assiduous practice of the discipline, from the Vertical Kilometer to 100km via the urban trail, a constant work of research of the performance and specific training, I offer you a fully personalized support according to your needs and your possibilities.

For more information: https://www.gb-outdoorlife.com/coaching


Hello ! ex-professional athlete, "Swiss Olympic" trainer and certified personal development coach, provides personal support to achieve your health and / or performance goals.


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