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X-Bionic Energy accumulator 4.0 Running Planet Geneva

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Multisports underwear X-Bionic energy accumulator 4.0.


Bringing together many technologies, designed for those looking for performance and worn by high-level athletes, the Energy Accumulator 4.0  base layer for men from X-BIONIC are a technical base layer from the Energy Accumulator® range which have been awarded numerous prizes and are suitable for skiing, snowboarding, biathlon and ski touring.

The thermoregulation provided by the 3D Bionic Sphere® technology and reinforced by the new Thermosyphon® technology, allow the various different requirements of the body to be satisfied: insulate the cold-sensitive areas and ventilate the areas where heat builds up while allowing sweating to be managed as well as possible.

During exertion, your performance is greatly improved thanks to the Air-conditioning Channel® technology that optimises air circulation during intense exertion. The Sweat Traps® technology under the arms helps absorb perspiration and leaves you feeling cool during your most intense exertions.

This base layer from the Energy Accumulator® range is a collection of technologies for intense activities in moderately cold conditions.

Find the products X-Bionic on sale in Running Planet in Geneva.

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