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Polar Ignite 3 Running Planet Geneva

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Mulitsports watch Polar Ignite 3.


Polar Ignite 3 is a stylish fitness & wellness watch that helps you live a more energized life. It tracks your sleep, activity, and heart rate to provide guidance that’s tailored to your body and lifestyle.

Open your eyes to a full analysis of your body’s recovery overnight and get your alertness forecast for the day ahead.

Softly stirs you from your sleep without disturbing others.

How did you sleep last night?

You’ll get a breakdown showing you how well your body recovered overnight.

It's gonna be one of those days.

See the effect your sleep had on your day’s energy and alertness levels.

Here's a goal you can achieve today.

Every step and move you make counts...automatically.

We’ve prepared some workouts for you.

Daily exercise suggestions chosen to suit your body’s condition and readiness.

We can talk you through it.

Get in-training audio feedback through Polar Flow with your headphones or phone speaker.

Over 150 of your favorite activities.

You can pick any sport or activity you like, when you like, and get the tools you need to track it.

A consumer update.

Check the total amount of calories you’ve burned so far.

Let’s break it down.

See the percentage of fat, protein, and carbs you used.

Your window of opportunity.

Remember SleepWise? It also anticipates the optimal time for sleep.

You count sheep. We count sleep.

Every stage of sleep you go through at night will be automatically tracked.

Focus on what's important.

Customize your views to have the data you need and want ready at your fingertips.

Your heart never lies.

Precision Prime™ OHR Technology 10 LEDs across a range of wavelengths for deeper light penetration and 4 light detectors to pick up the light returning through your vessels – it’s more than accurate, this is precision.

Designed for early birds, and night owls

With four gorgeous finishes and a selection of changeable wristbands, this is a watch that looks good anytime, anywhere, and on any body.

For a variety of life styles.

Customize the look of your Ignite 3 to suit yourself with our new range of bands.

Find the products Polar Ignite 3 on sale in Running Planet in Geneva.

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