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Overstims Hydrixir Ultra Running Planet Geneva

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Long distance energy drink.


ULTRA HYDRIXIR is a new energy drink specifically designed for long-term and intense efforts. Its innovative formula perfectly meets the requirements of long distance: constant energy (without blood sugar spike), essential electrolytes, BCAAs, low-sweet flavors and perfect tolerance even after several hours of use.

The crucial importance of hydration in long distance events

Athletes who undertake long-distance events (marathon, trail, cycling, triathlon, etc.) are particularly vulnerable to dehydration, a condition which can lead to a significant reduction in performance, cause muscle disorders such as cramps and increase the risk of injury.

Therefore, understanding the crucial role of hydration and adopting an appropriate strategy is an absolute necessity.

It is imperative to start hydrating yourself from the first moments of exercise and to maintain constant hydration, by drinking small quantities every 10 minutes, without waiting for the feeling of thirst.

Our recommendation is to consume between 500 and 750 ml of ULTRA HYDRXIR drink per hour of exercise, but these volumes may vary depending on specific climatic conditions.

A drink that perfectly meets the demands of long distance

After 2 years of development in close collaboration with François d'Haene, the ultra-trail legend, we are proud to present ULTRA HYDRIXIR, the most advanced energy drink for long-term efforts.

Its innovative formula perfectly meets the requirements of long distance with:

  • 3 sources of carbohydrates for long-lasting energy (30 g carbohydrates / serving)
  • 4 electrolytes (sodium, calcium, magnésium, potassium) to maintain fluid balance and prevent muscle disturbances
  • 6 vitamins (B1, B3, B5, B6, C , E) to reduce muscle fatigue and contribute to good energy efficiency
  • BCAA and glutamine to promote muscle recovery
  • Sodium bicarbonate to buffer lactic acid and reduce muscle fatigue

Perfectly tolerated

Unlike certain energy drinks, ULTRA HYDRIXIR is distinguished by its very little sweet flavor, its 100% natural flavors and its absence of acidity and preservatives.

Its formula guarantees excellent digestibility, allowing athletes to remain focused on their performance without fear of gastrointestinal discomfort, even after several hours of effort.

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