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Gel Overstims Energix honey BIO Running Planet Geneva

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Gel Overstims Energix honey BIO


The ORGANIC HONEY ENERGIX energy gel is made from acacia honey, turmeric, black pepper and spirulina to combine nutritiousness with delicious taste.

With a moderate glycaemic index, the ORGANIC HONEY ENERGIX energy gel is your best asset for endurance sports practice, such as marathons, trails, cycling, MTB, triathlons, etc.

The ORGANIC HONEY ENERGIX energy gel helps you maintain your performance in long-distance sporting activities thanks to acacia honey for its supply of gradual energy, turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and spirulina.

Take the ORGANIC HONEY ENERGIX energy gel during a competition at regular intervals, about every 45 minutes, when your body requires temporary extra fuel

Its liquid texture makes it especially practical and enjoyable to consume during a sporting activity.

Find the products Overstims on sale in Running Planet in Geneva.

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