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Compressport R2 V3 Running Planet Geneva

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Calf sleeves Compressport R2 V3.



As an athlete, you’re never quite content with your past glories. Whether you’re shaving a few seconds from that PB, or running further than you’ve gone before, there’s always that drive to go beyond. That same drive is what keeps Compressport going.

Building on a signature design, the brand took all the groundbreaking features of the R2V2 like the exclusive seamless multi-gradual compression and the shock-reducing K-Protect knee tabs and combined them with yet more clever functional details that make real-world differences.

Fibular Stripes aid support and stability by activating proprioception, whilst specially targeted Waffle Knit areas promote microcirculation and lymphatic flow, reducing shin splints and inflammation.

Noting a recent study which showed how compression sleeves can help reduce stomach problems after strenuous activity, we honed our Waffle Knit zones to further promote blood flow around the body. The result? No more stomach cramps out on the trail. 

Compressport also added a reflective logo on the back of the sleeves to aid visibility once the sun sets and the race is far from over.

Get ready to take the next step in compression sleeves with the new R2 3.0 !

Find the products Compressport on sale in Running Planet in Geneva.

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