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Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 Running Planet Geneva

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Stability running shoes Brooks Glycerin GTS 20.


The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 are all-round running shoes for overpronators. These super soft Glycerin GTS 20s have been designed to provide comfort and soft cushioning during your runs. The new pluche and breathable design of the upper is made of air-mesh which provides a snug fit that comfortably keeps the feet in place. The upper has been reinforced in strategical places to provide more structure and targeted support to the feet. In other places, the upper is more flexible and thereby provides more freedom of movement.

The midsole has been slightly updated and improved. The DNA LOFT v 3 cushioning material is injected with nitrogen, which ensures soft and lightweight cushioning. Even though the Glycerin 20 feels soft like comfy couch, it also knows to return energy and keep you going. On top of that, the material is very durable. The redesigned mid and outsole have a wide platform for a more flexible and smoother heel-to-toe transition. The shoes are ideal all-rounders.

The GTS version of the Glycerin 20 features Brooks' GuideRails Holistic Support System. This refined system only corrects overpronation when it actually happens. When your feet move in forward direction and a correction isn't necessary the GuideRails stay inactive. Only when moving outside of those boundaries the system will guide your feet through a natural and smooth transition.

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