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The DYNAFIT brand values are speed, lightness, endurance and technology.

DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes, for athletes. Speed is a part of our DNA, and we are driven by our aspiration to equip mountain endurance athletes from head-to-toe, summer and winter, 365 days a year, with the most efficient gear possible. We know what counts up on the mountain to achieve personal goals and to tap into the best you have. Intelligent materials, innovative technology, and the courage to follow unconventional paths – these are the keys to our success. Minimalist and efficient, but at the same time totally reliable products, with the result that we support discerning athletes on the mountain – whether on ski tour, or trail running, mountaineering or biking.

DYNAFIT is always in motion and a step ahead of others. We lay track, we suffer, we fight, and we always keep moving ahead. Standing still is only something we know when basking in the success of summiting and enjoying a moment of quiet. Because there can only be new paths found when somebody leads – that’s true for mountain sports as well as for our products. The future is to us characterized by intuitive and efficient systems that allow us to summon top performances and be the first to conquer unfamiliar terrain.

We are pioneers who push the limits. As confident drivers of innovation, DYNAFIT pushes the limits of what’s possible over and over. We ourselves overcome the biggest challenges and in the process hit the edge of our limits. Because advancement is only possible when you are courageous and never lose sight of your goal. We are faster than our fears, but in the process never lose the necessary respect. It can be that not everybody understands us. But we are not here just to please, but rather to make things shift.

We are fully committed to mountain sports. Pure passion, untiring commitment, and absolute devotion determine everything we do and strive for. Because if you want to achieve a lot, you must be prepared to always give more. Always striving, never sitting, strong-willed, and indefatigable. That’s precisely what defines us. We are athletes who tap into everything that we have to always reach the finish line first – with the maximum of minimum in gear. Some call it being obsessed. We call it passion.

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